Birds covered in oil reported along WA, OR beaches

Authorities from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife have issued an alert following multiple reports of oiled birds spotted between Long Beach, Washington and Lincoln City, Oregon.

The origin of the oil causing distress to the wildlife remains unknown at the current time, the agency said.

oiled bird photo

Multiple agencies investigate reports of oiled birds on the Washington and Oregon coasts and urge public to report sightings but avoid contact. (Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife)

The public is being urged to assist in the reporting of any potentially oiled wildlife. Sightings should be reported immediately to a designated hotline at 1-800-22-BIRDS (1-800-222-4737).

Officials request that any calls to the hotline include essential details such as the caller's name and contact information, the types and numbers of animals observed, the exact time and location of the sighting, whether the animals show signs of oiling, and if there are indications that the animals might be injured.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, along with the U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, emphasized that the public should not attempt to capture or handle any oiled wildlife. Untrained handling can cause further stress and injury to the animals and may also pose safety risks to the public. Professionally trained response teams are being deployed to manage the situation and provide appropriate care to affected wildlife.

As these agencies work to assess and mitigate the impacts of this environmental concern, information gathered through the hotline is being funneled to personnel actively engaged in oiled-wildlife search and recovery operations.

The investigation into the source of the oil and subsequent pollution is ongoing as local authorities aim to address the immediate threats to coastal birds and prevent any further harm to the ecology of the region.


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