PEMCO Insurance gives advice on luggage tracking

SEATTLE -- The experts at PEMCO Insurance said luggage lost by an airline does not happen as often as people might think.

They said the chances of that happening are probably less than one in 200.

Here are some things PEMCO said you can do to keep your bags from getting lost.

    "Also if your flight is going to have a connection, make sure you have enough time for your luggage to get to that next plane," said Kristine Zewe, an Underwriting Quality Analyst at PEMCO Insurance. "If you're sprinting for the plane, your luggage will have to too and that increases the chance that it'll be taking a later flight."

    PEMCO also suggests buying a GPS tracker and app.

    You would put the tracker inside the luggage. If it doesn't get to your destination, then you can open up the app on your phone and notify the airline.

    If your bags never turn up, there are some options.

    Zewe said if you've booked your airfare with a travel reward card, they will have some benefits for you. There's also benefits available to people who insure their trips.

    "Your final option is your homeowners or renters insurance," said Zewe. "The thing to keep in mind is that there is a deductible involved with that as well as the potential that you might lose any discount for not having any claims, so you'll want to way the benefits of filing a claim."

    The best thing you can do is to arrive at the airport early. This will give the airline time to get your bag to the plane before take-off.