Peoria Home offers services and support to former prostitutes and sex-trafficking victims

Former prostitutes and sex-trafficking victims will soon have a chance to rebuild their lives, as well as a place to call home.

The Peoria Home in Everett will be opening soon, providing long-term secure housing and support services for women.

An anonymous donor donated the home to the non-profit group Peoria Home, and now the group is looking for furniture donations to furnish the home.

Starting next month, at least three women will move in.

They’ll get addiction treatment, trauma counseling, and education and job training.

Paula Newman-Skomski, Peoria Home’s founder, says the home will provide the women with a sense of community.

“Community is really important to healing and having the support of other women going through the process,” Newman-Skomski says.  “At the same time it’s very beneficial to have an extended form of community to keep them focused and on the right path.

The home is in need of additional furniture items.  If you’d like to help, you can contact Peoria Home for more information.