Police: Friendly men carrying lamb chops in snow didn't add up

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. (AP) — Two men carrying large black garbage bags over their shoulders Sunday morning in Spokane Valley may have been friendly, police said, but they were found to be hauling a little more than they let on.

According to the Spokane Valley Police Department, officers stopped a 35-year-old and 27-year-old on the street carrying large, black trash bags. Worried about in uptick in crime in the area, police asked what they had in the bags.

The men were friendly, police said, and freely opened the bags for police to view.

Both bags were full of food, including multiple cuts of lamb chops. The men allegedly said a friend gifted them the items because she was moving.

Police, knowing the price of lamb chops are quite high to offer as a gift, contacted the suspects' alleged friend. Upon contact, the alleged friend said she hadn't seen the suspects that day, and she did not give them any food.

From there, deputies followed footprints in the snow to another home that had been broken into. That resident said the lamb chops had been taken from her freezer.

The men were jailed on burglary and theft charges.