Police: Naked man threw rocks, danced in circles outside children's museum

OLYMPIA -- Police arrested a man who allegedly screamed and threw rocks at people outside an Olympia children's museum, just before exposing himself and "dancing in circles," police said.

Officers received calls around 3 p.m. Tuesday of a disturbance at the Hands on Children's Museum in downtown Olympia. The callers reported a man was standing across the street from the museum screaming at people and cars, throwing rocks and pretending to shoot cars with his fingers as they passed.

Right before the police arrived, the man allegedly dropped his pants down to his ankles and danced in circles.

"He was completely naked except the clothing around his ankles, which did not provide any coverage," one officer said.

Police arrested the man on suspicion of lewd conduct. He was booked into Olympia City Jail, and was possibly suffering from either a drug induced intoxication or a mental health episode, police said.

Detectives are investigating.