Police: Woman escapes attempted rape after frat party

SEATTLE – Police at the University of Washington are seeking a man suspected of attempting to rape a female student following a fraternity party early Friday.

The victim contacted campus police on Friday, according to the UWPD. She said that the man coerced her into accepting a ride from him back to her residence hall, but they only went as far as a nearby parking lot. The suspect gave the victim a plastic cup with an unknown drink inside, and soon after she drank it she realized it was spiked.

UW Police said that the woman then reported feeling “very strange” and was losing control of her body. After the vehicle stopped, the suspect tried to force the woman into sex, and that’s when police say she was able to fight him off, get out and get back to her residence.

Three other women who attended the same party said that their drinks were spiked, the UWPD reported. They were able to leave without incident.

The victim was unable to give a description of the suspect or his vehicle.

UW Police is asking anyone with information on the suspect or the incident to contact them at 206-543-9331.