Port Orchard Public Market quickly growing into town staple

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Miles across the water from Puget Sound`s most famous market sits another public hub that`s a little slower paced but just as important.

The Port Orchard Public Market is relatively new to downtown.

“The market is about five-and-a-half years old,” business owner Coreen said.

Its restaurant, juice shop and odds-and-ends aren`t as flashy as the flying fish at Pike’s Market, yet the workers are committed and the customers are loyal.

“Have a great group of customers,” said David Baker, who is part owner of Sue’s Fresh Juice Bar. “We have even had a great line of K9s who come in for their weekly carrots.”

Like most small towns, Port Orchard has had its ups and downs.

“Port Orchard used to be a thriving hub,” Baker said. “I watched it decay a little bit.”

The market hasn`t always been a sure thing.

“The restaurant was struggling a little bit, and me and my husband did not want to see it close,” Coreen said.

Persistence, luck and community kept it going.

“We believe in this town,” Coreen said. “We have a lot of network and friends and business colleagues.”

And now it`s ready to thrive.

“The last two vendor spaces are going to be filled,” Coreen said.

Big plans are not too far off for Port Orchard, and the market will be right in the middle.

“We`ll have a community event center and have shoreline access,” Coreen said. “This is a great gathering place where people come out.”