Racist fliers, posters and stickers found on western Washington college campuses

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - White supremacists have targeted college campuses throughout the region with fliers, posters and stickers.

In Bellingham, Western Washington University has warned students that the group believed to be responsible has been recruiting across Whatcom County and other areas of western Washington.

Campus officials at WWU tell Q13 News that about four posters or fliers were posted on light poles and buildings on campus. It's unclear when they were placed on campus, but campus officials found it early Monday.

Upon learning of the racist flyers, a campus alert also went out letting the entire student body and staff know what happened.

Campus police continue to investigate.

"This is a very safe campus, but nevertheless this is a horrible thing that has happened to our campus and it’s very unfortunate. We don’t deny the fact that racism exists in our society, and the university is not immune, unfortunately," said Paul Cocke, director of communications at western Washington University.

Neo-nazi and white supremacist messages were also found at the University of Washington - Tacoma campus. Just like at WWU, a campus message was also sent out to students and staff.

It's believed that the fliers are coming from a racist national organization's effort to target more than 100 college campuses this weekend with these types of messages, according to the message signed by UW Tacoma's Chancellor Mark Pagano.

The message also stated that similar messages were posted at Tacoma Community College and Bates Technical College.

Campus officials from those affected said they do not tolerate racism and urge anybody who sees these messages, posters, fliers or stickers to immediately report it to staff members.

Police continue to investigate.