Rain, occasional strong winds move into area; trees downed in Mount Vernon

SEATTLE -- With rain storms moving through the Puget Sound, homeowners are encouraged to clean out their storm drains to prevent flooding.

"The next windstorm, which will be the first one of the season, you`ll get heavy leaves and that becomes a major problem,” said Randall Dickey, of Seattle Public Utilities.

Street crews said the fall leaves clog drains and could cause streets to flood. City workers removed yard waste in Seattle neighborhoods Monday.

“We do this year round, year round” said Dickey. “We are just pumping out this catch basin and a couple more down the road here.”

The drain cleanup effort is part of the “Take Winter By Storm” campaign, which kicked off in Seattle this week.

Falls rains are back and local governments, utilities and emergency managers are urging residents around the Puget Sound to be prepared for the deadly dangers that come with flooding rains, power outages from wind and the threat of snow/ice storms.

Check out the “Take Winter By Storm” website for comprehensive checklists of how to get your home, car, and family for the worst that our Northwest rainy season can deliver.