Rapist who posed as rideshare driver to target victims handed 11-year prison sentence

SEATTLE -- A man who posed as a rideshare driver and raped multiple women will spend the next 11 years behind bars.

A judge sentenced 34-year-old Israel Ramos-Islas to more than 11 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in the second degree.

The first rape stems back to December of last year when the victim's friend ordered her rideshare from a bar in Ballard.

Ramos-Islas posed as her driver then sexually assaulted her before taking her home. Both victims shared their anger on Friday in court.

“Drunk, sad, and all by myself. The perfect prey,” one victim said. “I bet that's a great way to find people to have sex with. Find someone drunk, pose as a driver, take advantage of everyone's vulnerable moments violate their trust completely. It's such a low move to shatter someone's faith in humanity."

"I felt dirty and violated as a nurse took samples from my body,” the other victim said. “I wanted to wash every moment of that night away. This was just the beginning of the pain that affected me and my loved ones from this rape.”

Police warn, if you take rideshares, make sure you have the driver's information and check the license plate.