Record high temperatures expected this weekend across the Northwest

SEATTLE -- Western Washington is getting ready for a heat wave.

The National Weather Service says there could be record highs throughout the state this weekend. Temperatures in the Seattle area are expected to hit 90, about 20 degrees higher than it should be this time of year.

Wednesday’s warm weather was a good excuse for Logan McCole and his friends to get out on their boat.

“This is great, we’ve been privileged all year long so far. So the summer, we’re looking forward to it.”

But Logan admits staying cool on the water is one thing. Staying cool at home is another.

“I don’t have air conditioning. Not at all, I’m sweating right now.”

It’s not just uncomfortable when temperatures start to rise. For some people, it can also be dangerous. Seniors need to be careful to avoid getting heat exhaustion.

“Sometimes they have complicating medical conditions that requires they take medicine,” says Dian Ferguson, director of the Central Area Senior Center. “And medicine, in combination with heat, sometimes doesn’t work well.”

Ferguson says many senior centers around the Puget Sound will be open over the next few days, so the elderly who live alone have someplace cool that they can go.

“We just make sure we have staff covering the facility, so that people can come here if they need a place of respite to get out of the heat.”

Of course, there are some people who say the heat in Washington isn’t so bad. Anne Powell is visiting from Florida.

“I think this weather is heavenly, it’s perfect. I came from 97 degrees, so everything is relative.”

She had some advice for those who aren’t used to the heat.

“Stay hydrated and don’t exert yourself in the middle of the day, get up early and walk when it’s cool.”