Robber steals man's bike at gunpoint, leaves man's wearable camera (VIDEO)

YouTube screen capture

SOMERSET WEST, South Africa –  A wearable GoPro camera caught a dramatic armed robbery in which thieves stole the very mountain bike one rider was using to get around.

The video, posted to YouTube, quickly rose to the front page of Reddit within a matter of hours as the internet demanded justice.

The rider, identified as Malcolm Fox on a bicycling blog, said it happened Saturday during a lengthy ride outside the city of Somerset West in South Africa.

“Armed gunman and 2 others stopped myself and took cellphone, car keys, Oakleys and bike,” wrote Fox.  “Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GOPRO was and this is the evidence that will assist in their prosecution.”

Thanks to the very clear footage and solid police work, three people have reportedly been arrested and Fox was even able to get his bike back.