Rover as your teacher? Not so ruff

KIRKLAND- You’ve heard the phrase, a dog is a man’s best friend. But now a dog may also be a student’s best friend.

"Reading with Rover" is a program that brings dogs into Northwest schools to help students with their reading skills.

The program is in seven schools, including Rose Hill Elementary in Kirkland.

“They will fight their moms and dads for 10 minutes of reading at home but happily do an hour of this,” said teacher Brien Daly.

Once a week, about three dogs come to the school and just listen.

“They are in safe place. Where they can practice their skills without fear of being corrected all the time,” Daly said.

Teachers say the connection is especially helpful for kids with special needs. The dog owner volunteers their time to take the dog to schools, hospital and nursing homes.

To learn more about Reading with Rover, click this link.