Santa brings holiday cheer to kids who lost loved ones in war

SEATAC, WA --- Santa Claus made a special visit to dozens of kids at SeaTac Airport Thursday morning.  Its all part of an annual event called the Snowball Express.  Its a program with a simple message of bringing holiday cheer to children who lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Snowball Express provides a four day adventure for the kids beginning with an American Airlines plane down to Dallas, Texas.  While in the lone star state, kids will enjoy games and go to an amusement park.

The Snowball Express has been around since 2006.  For those who take part, its a time to hang around others who share a common bond.  Amber Christian lost her husband, Staff Sgt. Rusty Christian in Afghanistan in 2010.

"It makes you feel good.  They're my best friends, they're like all my friends now.  After something like that you cling to them they’re all you got so its good to be with a group of people that understand," Christian said.

She is traveling with her 6 year old daughter Taylor, her father died just two days before her third birthday.  Christian says, this is a time for her daughter to connect with her fallen hero father,  "It's your Christmas present from your dad its amazing, its awesome especially around the holidays.

It's a perfect time for them to get that special connection, special feeling," Christian said.