'Scary' video shows burglars breaking into Bothell home; seemed to know location of cameras

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Three men broke into a home in Bothell just 30 minutes after the homeowners left for the night.  When the couple returned home, they couldn't believe what they found.

Michele didn't want to give her last name but said Wednesday she has several security cameras set up around the house inside and out.  They recorded three men walking up to the house, casing the place, and breaking inside.

"I felt scared and mad because we were here 30 minutes prior. So when I saw the video, it's scary. Were they watching me?" Michele said.

What really has her worried is the fact that the men seemed to know where the outside cameras were placed.  In the security video, the thieves take out each camera, either moving them or cutting the wire.

"They were covering their mouths and turning off lights and maneuvering around the cameras.  It was weird, it's almost like they were here casing the house weeks before," Michele said.

The suspects broke a window and went inside.  The house alarm went off and the men left without stealing anything.  Michele says she plans to hand out fliers around the neighborhood with still shots of the men.