Science of Santa: Analysis looks at his work and costs this Christmas

LONDON – Think you’ll be overworked this Christmas? It pales in comparison to what Santa Claus is doing. Compiled with data, the Big Bank UK Young Science and Engineers Fair, along with the Centre for Economic and Business Research have figured out just how much Santa will work this Christmas Eve.

Based on population figures, St. Nick will deliver gifts to 1.6 billion homes that night. That’s 5,556 homes a second! Based on the different time zones, he’ll have some 30 hours to work with. After the night is over, he will have consumed some 150 billion calories worth of cookies, mince pie or other snacks. That’s 60,000 times his daily recommended intake.

The analysis says he and the elves will need 1.5 million miles of wrapping paper, to wrap $457 billion worth of gifts!