Seahawks fever is great for two well-heeled business women in Ballard

SEATTLE  --  It seems like everyone wants to be a part of the Seattle Seahawks playoffs and that means big business for some local shops.

Two very well-heeled Ballard business women say the 12s and the playoffs have tripled their sales.

Lisa Strom and Kira Bundlie know what they're talking about when it comes to representing Lady 12s.

More than three years ago they opened Hourglass Footwear in Ballard, creating hand-painted shoes, from flats to platforms.  What they didn't realize was what a platform the 12s would create for their bottom line.

They say just having the playoffs in town triples their business.

“I wasn’t a football fan a couple of years ago.  Now, I would say even if we didn't have any skin in the game, I would still be all about us winning, but, yes, business definitely goes through the roof,” says Bundlie.

“It’s fun for the city, it’s fun for us, it’s great for business. It’s just good all around,” says Strom.

James Side of the Downtown Seattle Association says playoff means profit for restaurants, hotels, retailers, artists and community events.

Fans save up the entire year for weekends just like this one coming up and they want to do it in style.

“Look around you.  Everywhere you go you're going see 12 flags everywhere. You're going see people wearing blue all day on Friday. Interoffice memos are going out -- ‘Everyone says it’s OK to wear blue tomorrow.'  The town’s going to go crazy and it’s going to be great downtown. It’s going to be great,” says Sido.