Seattle police ask for help identifying 'Spiderman' burglary suspect

SEATTLE -- It was like something out of a comic book, but the guy caught on cell phone video is no hero.

Police say he is the villain.

He was seen casing an apartment building near the corner of Elliott Avenue and Clay in downtown Seattle.

"I noticed a fellow walking down the street. He paused and then scaled the metal trellis on the north side of the building from first to third floor, just like Spiderman,” witness Matt Bennett said.

Bennett was the first to see him.

The suspect claimed to be a tenant but Bennett knew something was wrong.

"He jumped onto the balcony there at the third floor and I told him I was calling the police and the guy jumps over the balcony and scaled down the wall as quickly as he went up it,” Bennett said.

The suspect ran away and Matt and a neighbor gave chase.

He ran on the dock at Pier 69 and disappeared.

That halted water traffic while police searched for the man. But he got away.

"We're looking for a white male about 20 years old, about 5'5" to 5'6", wearing a white shirt, dark jeans, maybe had a black sweatshirt tied around his waist,” Seattle police spokesman Patrick Michaud said.

Neighbors have been warned to take extra precautions, no matter how high up they live.

Upper floors have always seemed to be more secure and less susceptible to burglary, but people in this neighborhood know better now.

"It was broad daylight, after thinking about it for a while it seemed like he was a professional. His agility in getting up the wall and over it,” Bennett said.

Neighbors say they don’t think the man is from the neighborhood and they haven’t seen him since.

Investigators hope someone recognizes him and will call 911.