Seattle school teacher allegedly molested girls while in class

SEATTLE -- A teacher at Torah Day Grade School is accused of molesting at least two grade school girls at a desk while class was in session.

Jordan Murray, 32, teaches first and second grade at the private school in the 3500 block of S. Ferdinand Street in South Seattle. King County Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg charged Murray with four counts of first degree child molestation stemming from allegations brought by two of his students earlier this year.

Murray was arrested May 3 but freed after posting 100,000 bail. He declined to comment on the charges. Randy Kessler with Torah Day Grade school confirmed that the school did not do a criminal history check on Murray before he was hired.

According to court documents, Murray, an honorary rabbi at the private school, teaches first and second grade. Police interviewed two 6-year-old girls after they allegedly told one of the girl's 12-year-old sister that Murray touched them "under their underwear."

The girls told police investigators that they would separately approach Murray's desk in his classroom to ask them a question while he was teaching the clasee. He would allegedly pull them close and touch them inappropriately behind the desk while class was in session. Both girls allegedly said the inappropriate contact happened more than once.

A 19-year-old administrative assistant said at least five girls came to the office throughout the past year from Murray's class. The girls would complain of stomach aches and allegedly told the office assistant they didn't want to go to class. The girls' parents were called so they could go home sick, and often times the parents would report back to the assistant the girls acted normal once they returned home.

Murray allegedly called the office to ask about the girls on one occasion. The administrative assistant noted that Murray had never called the office before about a student.

The girls came forward after reading a Let's Stay Safe book advocating children's safety, the prosecutor said.

Murray is the father of three children. If convicted, he could face 25 years in prison.