Seattle sports fans respond to second day of sports boycott

Seattle sports fans say they stand in solidary with the decisions made by athletes across the country to boycott sports this week.

Thursday marked the second straight day national sports teams across the county did not play games.

Players across the country have made the decision not to play following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

“I support all the teams that are standing down and not saying, ‘hey we’re going to play,’ in support of human lives,” said Kate Knuebel.

Knuebel is a Seattle sports fan, but she says what is happening right now in the country is much bigger than a game.

“I don’t care if you want to see sports on tv; there is human beings dying,” she said.

Nicole Blake Chafetz, Jacob Blake’s aunt, says the support from the athletic community gives her courage to keep fighting for change.

“I feel the love and support and that’s one of the reasons I continue to have courage and I will continue to speak out,” said Chafetz.