Seattle University has ties to Seattle Storm stars as fans celebrate WNBA championship

People across Washington absolutely love the Seattle Storm and are celebrating their fourth WNBA championship title. The team hosted a virtual rally, Friday, to honor their victory while maintaining social distance during the COIVD-19 pandemic.

Some members of the Seattle University women’s basketball team are from Washington and said they grew up Storm fans.

“I just love to see Sue Bird do her thing, especially at her age. There’s no slowing that woman down. I love watching her play,” said McKenzi Williams, point guard at Seattle University.

Williams is from Auburn and had been going to Storm games since childhood. She said the home team’s big win is special for her as a local and fellow athlete.

“It’s super inspiring to see women who have been on the same path as us and they’ve trail blazed this for us. So, they’ve made it so any of us can do this. It’s right here in front of us,” said Williams.

Seattle U has a close connection to the Storm, as former Redhawks are now part of the franchise. The university’s assistant coach, Lexi Petersen, said during her time at University of Oregon she competed with Breanna Stewart, Morgan Tuck and Jordin Canada before they became Storm stars.

“It’s amazing! It’s almost like I can kind of live through them because growing up that’s what you want to do, you want to be in the WNBA. I’m from here, so it was always the Storm. It’s kind to see people you know, love, played against fulfill their dreams,” said Petersen.

The Storm fulfilling their dream as world champions for the fourth time is something Petersen said could motivate anyone to perform at their best.

“They have a voice and they can use their voice on whatever platform that is and whatever they chose to do as a profession you can make a difference,” said Petersen.

“It’s really cool to see them have that air of confidence when they’re on the court too. And, I think that’s really inspiring for all women to see strong women be confident and do their thing,” said Williams.

Williams said clinching the WNBA title helps gives Seattle sports global spotlight.

“It’s really amazing to see Seattle just dominating sports in general right now. All of our sports teams, for the most part, are doing their thing. And, it’s really special to have it happening on the women’s side where we may not be the most popular, but we’re definitely holding it down,” said Williams.