SEE IT: Man gets dangerously close to deadly tornado, records incredible video

ROCHELLE, Ill. (WITI) — Meteorologists warn that you should seek safe shelter if you see a tornado. A driver traveling through Rochelle, Illinois, came about as close as you can possibly get to a tornado without being swept up in its deadly path.

He did not drive away. He took out his phone and started recording.

According to the video posted on YouTube by Aaron Rooney, a man named “Sam S.” was driving on I-39 last Thursday evening. He saw a massive tornado coming in his direction and managed to capture the twister on camera. The man recording the video was possibly a few hundred feet away. The video’s description states that he is not a professional storm-chaser.

WITI-TV's meteorologist Tom Wachs says that this is a prime example of what NOT TO DO during a tornado. Wachs warns that it is never a good idea to go under an overpass during a tornado, let alone get as close as this man did capturing the video.

“Overpasses act as wind tunnels, so the wind will increase underneath them putting you at a greater danger,” said Wachs.

You can outrun most tornadoes with your car. Meteorologist Tom Wachs says most tornadoes only move at 25-35mph. Your best option is to go in the opposite direction of the tornado if you see one.

If you can’t outrun the storm, get into a ditch. This is a last resort but it is better than being in your car. A tornado can toss your vehicle.

“We only want trained weather spotters out there,” said Wachs.

The best solution is to not be on the road at all when a tornado warning is in effect. Get into a basement, or the lowest level of your home.

Once again, this man is extremely lucky to have survived. Do not try this.