'Self-described' pedophile back in Washington state

 BELLINGHAM -- Jack McClellan, who admits to running a pro-pedophile website, sent the station an email about his recent attempt to cross the border into Canada.

The email -- four paragraphs in length -- told how he was subjected to "an extraordinarily intense 3-hour interrogation" by Border Patrol agents on May 31. While he was detained, McClellan said that the agents' questions ran the gamut from asking why he was carrying extra clothing and a transistor radio to the sex toys he had in his possession.

McClellan said he has entered Canada about 200 times since the early '80s, and has only been denied entry a "few times." He was denied entry on May 31 and said he is considering filing a lawsuit against the Border Patrol to "at least recover the cost of my glasses," which he maintains were damaged during his detainment and search of his belongings.

McClellan, who is back in Washington state, made headlines in 2007 after publishing a website called "Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love." On the site, he posted pictures of girls in public places like parks, dances and concerts and rated the girls on their appearance. He then became known as a "self-described pedophile." 

He has lived in Oregon and California the past few years. While he was in California, he started another website focused on young girls. In 2007, the New York Times wrote about how his blog, which detailed where he would go look for young girls, had parents in the area banding together in attempt to figure out what to do with McClellan.

McClellan has never convicted of any crimes, which makes it difficult for authorities to do anything about his presence near public places -- like schools and libraries -- where young girls congregate.

Photo courtesy of YouTube