Several people robbed at gunpoint near fairgrounds in Puyallup

PUYALLUP -- Police say four men robbed several people at gunpoint near the Puyallup Fair Grounds on Sunday night demanding money and other valuables.

18 year-old Griffin Stiffarm and a friend got the shock of their lives when a man robbed them at gunpoint as they left the fair Sunday night.

"They demanded all of our stuff from us so we gave them our backpack and some cash and then he pulled out a gun and he demanded more. So we gave him another 100 dollars and they ran off," Stiffarm said.

Police say Stiffarm and his friend weren't alone. Officers believe the same four men robbed people in three separate attacks. In each case, the victims say there were four black men in their early 20's riding in an older model white Buick or Oldsmobile.

In each case the victims did the right thing and handed over their belongings.

"You always have to assume that these people mean harm obviously when they brandish a weapon that should elevate everyone`s awareness," Capt. Ryan Portmann said.

Police say people heading to the fair should park in well-lit areas and aware of their surroundings. Police will also increase patrols near the fair grounds for the next couple weeks.