'Sharknado 2' is a go

SEATTLE -- It was just a matter of time.

The SyFy channel has green-lighted a sequel to "Sharknado." The sequel idea came about after the original "Sharknado," a made-for-TV movie that debuted July 11, became an overnight sensation. The film -- it's plot is about a tornado made of sharks that hits Los Angeles -- sparked a social media frenzy, generating some 5,000 tweets a minute when it first aired.

It's no surprise that SyFy said the sequel will feature fictional flying sharks -- but this time, they attack the Big Apple.

The sequel is set to premiere sometime next year and the network is asking Twitter users to come up with the subtitle name for the followup.

You can tweet your suggestions to @SyfyMovies using #Sharknado.

SyFy will select the best submission.

And in case you missed the first showing of "Sharknado," set your DVR as the campy film will re-air Thursday, July 18  at 7 p.m. on SyFy.