Spokane County deputy adopts abandoned puppy ... for a few hours

Spokane County Deputy Marc Melville snuggles with puppy found abandoned on the side of the road. Photo courtesy of Spokane County Sheriff's Department.

SEATTLE -- An abandoned puppy found a new home Monday afternoon after a Spokane County Sheriff's deputy found him in the roadway.  But Deputy Marc Melville was tipped off to a lost-dog Craigslist ad after news reports Tuesday told the tale of the puppy’s adoption -- and he returned it to its caretaker.

Shortly after 4 a.m. Tuesday, deputy Marc Melville responded to a call about a man who appeared to be leaving puppies in the roadway at Thierman Road and Appleway Boulevard. Melville was in the area and immediately began searching for the suspect and puppies.

He didn't locate the suspect, but found a small, white puppy and put him in his vehicle for safe keeping.

"The puppy, being very young (as well as very cute) immediately began to try and befriend Deputy Melville," the Sheriff's Office said. "With his shift at an end and realizing any attempt to resist the charm of his newfound furry friend would be futile, Deputy Melville brought the puppy home to give it food and water."

Melville contacted the person who posted the Craigslist ad.  That person said she had been watching dogs for a friend and two of the puppies had disappeared.  He returned to puppy to its caretaker.

This puppy wormed his way in to a Spokane County Deputy's heart and home.