State Auditor Troy Kelley pleads not guilty to new federal charges

TACOMA -- State Auditor Troy Kelley refused to answer questions following a court appearance Friday in which he pleaded not guilty to eight new federal charges against him.

Kelley now faces 17 total charges for allegedly stealing money from former clients, lying on tax returns and laundering money.

Kelley's attorney, Angelo Calfo, said, "There's no theft. There's no concealment. He is a high profile target."

Calfo went on to say, "There will be a trial and you will find out the truth."

Calfo asked for a continuance to prepare for the trial. Kelley's current trial is set for March 14.

Kelley took an unpaid leave of absence from his position as state auditor in May. The state Attorney General's Office is also conducting a separate investigation into the hiring of Kelley's old business partner.