State GOP: Dave Reichert 'considering' run for Washington governor in 2020

SEATTLE -- Former U.S. Representative Dave Reichert "is considering" a run for governor in 2020, according to Washington GOP Chair Caleb Heimlich.

Heimlich revealed the news in an exclusive interview set to air Sunday on 'The Divide' with Brandi Kruse.

"I've heard from a couple other people that are looking at running and announcing in the next couple weeks," Heimlich told Q13 News. "There's a developer and a builder that's looking at it as well as former congressman Dave Reichert is considering it."

A spokesperson for Reichert told Q13  News on Friday that he is being recruited to run, but said he likes his current job with a private government affairs firm.

See the full interview Sunday at 9:00 a.m. on Q13 FOX.

If Reichert decides to run, he will face Gov. Jay Inslee who is seeking his third term after a failed presidential bid.

After serving seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, Reichert retired from politics earlier this year. The former King County Sheriff has long been rumored as a possible Republican candidate for governor.

Earlier this year, his private spokesperson told Q13 News that Reichert was committed to his new job as the Vice President of Tacoma-based Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs.

“Dave is now focusing on his new job that will have a tremendous impact on saving lives in Central America working with countries to establish a missing persons database. It will likely not only save lives, but prevent children from being forced into sex trafficking,” spokesperson Sue Foy wrote in an email.

Following his announcement that he wouldn’t seek re-election to the House, Reichert sat down with Q13's Brandi Kruse last fall to talk about his life in politics and the decision to retire: “The good thing is the travel stops, the phone calls for money stop, and I get to spend more time with my family.”

Asked whether he had other political ambitions in mind, Reichert said: “My answer has always been … that I’ve never really had a plan. My life has just sort of happened to me. God has the plan, so I have sort of been patient lately as I get older. Just watching and praying about what I might do next. I know that’s been my answer for years, that I just keep all of my options open. It’s not something that I’m seeking to do, but if I’m called to do it I may seek another office. But I doubt it.”