Stay out of the lake, or risk getting sick

Kitsap Public Health has closed the swimming beach at Horseshoe Lake County Park in Port Orchard, because officials are worried that the water might be contaminated.  At the end of July, people started getting sick after swimming.  While health officials are still waiting on lab tests to confirm, the symptoms look like Norovirus, the highly contagious stomach bug that can cause vomiting and diarrhea.  Unfortunately, the virus is tough to identify in lake water samples, so Kitsap Public Health is testing people who got sick instead.

If you swam in Horseshoe Lake after July 28th and start feeling sick, the most important thing to do is stay home.  Don't prepare food for other people, since that's one of the quickest ways the virus spreads from one person to another.  You should also wash your hands frequently and clean surfaces like door knobs often to protect others in your family.

If you're feeling sick, call the Health District at (360) 728-2205, or click here to report your symptoms online.

24 hours after you start feeling sick, if things are still getting worse, call your doctor.  Once you start feeling better, Kitsap Public Health says you need to stay home an additional 48 hours, just to make sure you're no longer contagious.

It's still unclear when Horseshoe Lake will be safe for swimming again.  You can find the latest information from public health officials here.