'Sticky' GPS devices could aid State Patrol in car chases

TACOMA --  We have seen how high-speed police chases can end in crashes that can also sometimes be fatal.

Now, Washington State Patrol is considering purchasing new technology that can track a fleeing car by firing a sticky GPS device from an air cannon that would be mounted on the front of the police cruiser.

The device would negate the need to stay on a suspect's tail at high speeds through traffic and hopefully reduce the risks of such chases and potentially save the lives of innocent bystanders. WSP was involved in 200 pursuits between January and August; several of those pursuits ended in injury collisions.

The devices are currently in use by state patrol agencies in Texas, Arizona, Iowa and Georgia.

Sgt. Jason Hicks with WSP said his agency recently sent a captain to Kentucky to watch a live demonstration.  Hicks said each air-powered cannon costs $5,000 to install and the GPS tracker runs $500.

You'll hear more from Sgt. Hicks on Q13 FOX News at 4 and 5 p.m. and when or if WSP is going to purchase these trackers.