Streetlight improvements enhance public safety

SEATTLE – The city of Seattle is working on a project that promises to keep people safe and save money. Seattle City Light workers are swapping out 44,000 sodium vapor lights for LED lights, which give off a blue-white glow, and are said last nine years longer than other lights are also 62 percent more efficient. The savings don’t stop there -- City Light managers said the new lights also mean more money in the city’s bank account. “The mayor alluded to the fact we’re saving $2.4 million a year,” Jorge Carrasco, City Light superintendent, said. “That is our early estimate but with this newest generation , we’re estimating the savings could actually get better, and we’re now projecting it could be as high as $3 million.” Mayor Mike McGinn said a savings of $2 million allowed the city to add 20 police officers. Money saved through LED lights could also mean more cash for violence prevention programs like the “Seattle Youth Violence Initiative.” Residents in the Central District/West Madrona area said the recent installation of LED lights enhances their sense of security. So far, City Light has replaced 31,000 LED streetlights in residential areas.he company expects to install 10,000 more by the end of next year. After that, streetlights on arterial roads will be replaced.