SUPERKIND: The ‘A-Idol’ K-Pop group made up of both 3D and 2D members

Whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay. From voice assistants to essay writing, AI is being used every day, but now, it is being used in a different industry—K-Pop.

While there are full AI groups such as PLAVE and MAVE, SUPERKIND is the first to combine 2D and 3D members.

Through the use of AI, the five 3D members are joined by 2D members SAEJiN and Seung.

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The group was met with mixed reaction from fans in the beginning, as this concept was something unfamiliar to the world most K-Pop fans were used to.

However, to the members, the A-Idol concept was something they were aware of and excited for before debut.

"Our company was based on tech before starting in the A-Idol industry…but for me I was already interested in animations, and also virtual characters..especially like Gorillaz, which is a virtual band," explains leader Daemon. 

They debuted in 2022 with the single, "Watch Out".

The music video started their journey into the sci-fi and fantasy world.

It continued with their next track "MOODY" and now with their latest October release, "Beam me up (2Dx3D)".

"Although we've released music before, this was our first mini-album with four tracks. Also, it is the first time for the physical album to be released. While we were all very excited about it, we were also somewhat burdened by the pressure. However, our prior experience of preparing for two albums before this one helped make the entire process very smooth," says SiO.

Their latest album, ‘Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%’, was inspired by anime such as Cowboy Bebop and the movie Men in Black.

The album features four tracks, some of which include 2D, 3D, or 2Dx3D in the titles.

SiO explains, "All of the tracks are recorded by all seven members of the group. Each track in the album represents a unique dimension, but all of our voices were included since we are a team. Personally, I really enjoy the track "Speed (2D)" because of its captivating band sound and its anime-like vibe."

As the members, both 3D and 2D, continue to show fans their talent, member Eugene has a motto that can speak for himself, as well as the group.

"As a trainee, I had a motto that I constantly repeated to myself. I believe that the ability to bring healing and comfort to people's hearts through music is incredible, and it's a goal I'm determined to achieve," he says.