Tacoma PD launches Safe Place initiative program

Tacoma police are launching a Safe Place initiative to encourage local businesses, schools and organizations to provide a safe location for victims of crime. 

The program, which first started with the Seattle Police Department, is designed to address all hate crimes, including crimes committed because of :

  • Race 
  • Color 
  • Religion 
  • Ancestry 
  • National origin 
  • Gender 
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender expression or identity 
  • Mental, physical, or sensory disabilities
  • Homelessness
  • Marital status 
  • Political ideology 
  • Age 
  • Parental status 

"Safe Place" locations will allow victims of a crime to go inside a business or organization, call 911 and wait until police arrive after an incident. 

On Thursday, Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore was joined by Mayor Victoria Woodards, Tacoma Chief of Staff Curtis Hairston and Global Safe Place Administrator Dorian Korieo to speak about the ongoing efforts in investigating and responding to hate crimes. 

Organizations that want to get involved and become a "Safe Place," can find more information here. 

After filling out an application form on the city’s website, an organization will be given a "Safe Place" window decal that can be displayed in the entrance of the business’ building.