Tent City 4 opens in Sammamish

SEATTLE -- A Sammamish church opened up its parking lot to 100 homeless people on Saturday as the new location for Tent City 4.

The Mary Queen of Peace Church spent the morning setting up tents in their parking lot. The community came out to help, including neighbors and students from Skyline High School and organizers from Tent City 4.

They also spent the day collecting donations and organizing meals.

The church decided to become the host after discussing the idea with other local religious and civic leaders.

Father Kevin Duggins of Mary Queen of Peace said more people in the community were for the move, than were against it.

"It's one piece of a much larger response to the challenge of homelessness in our society. It's not the final solution, but it does offer a workable and safe option for homeless people," he said.

Duggins said a Tent City allows people to have a home base where they can leave their belongings and more effectively look for work.