'Terrifying' but 'cool' owl attack reported in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A southwest Portland man says his early morning walk home from work turned violent when a photo-shy owl attacked him.

KPTV-TV reports that Kelly McCrillis was walking around 3 a.m. Thursday when he stopped to take a photo and the owl swooped toward him.

It flew straight into him, damaging his hat and scratching his hand before coming back for more.

In a second attack, the owl ripped off the man's backpack, scratched his back and relentless tried to hit him as he gathered his stuff.

McCrillis is a member of the Audubon Society of Portland and says he thinks he was encroaching on the owl's territory.

He says the attack was "a little bit terrifying" but also "kind of cool, actually. That's an experience you don't really get."