The girl who gave Russell Wilson a wallet – and got a new heart

SEATTLE -- Every week, there’s a moment Russell Wilson calls “The Best.”

“The second best is winning,” Wilson says.

The first?

The time he and his wife, Ashton, spend every Tuesday with patients and their families at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

“I’m signing each one of these pictures, so that way, when I see the kids, they can have something to hold onto and just give them a little gift when I see them,” Wilson said.

But it was gift from a patient that’s touched him the most -- a wallet made solely of duct tape that’s one of a kind.

“Nobody else in Seattle has this wallet – so it makes it special,” Wilson said.

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, 11-year-old patient Allison Christensen gave Russell the homemade wallet. The very next day, a heart donor was found for Allison.

“I think he was just the lucky charm, too, for Allison getting a heart,” said Jovelyn Christensen, Allison’s mother.

Two days after Allison underwent successful heart transplant surgery, Wilson led the Seahawks to a 17-point comeback win in Houston – and was quick to make the connection.

“I think she definitely was a good luck charm,” Wilson said.

Just a week after meeting one of his biggest fans who needed a heart, Wilson was back in Allison’s room this week – her new heart beating faster, his good-luck wallet in tow.

“You know, we believe in miracles, we believe in things happening, like Allison getting the heart the day after I got to see her, I mean, that’s pretty awesome, that’s a special moment,” Wilson said. “So, to be able to share that moment in a picture goes a long way.”

It’s a moment they’ll never forget -- a moment that even trumps winning on Wilson’s list.

“It’s really special to them, but it’s really special to me,” Wilson said. “I don’t know if they realize how much it means to me more than anything. So it definitely makes my week.”

A week that began with an empty homemade wallet – and ended with two strong, healthy hearts.

“I just get really happy and starstruck, I guess,” Allison said. “Because I can’t believe still when he comes here, he’s actually here! I just felt a lot better because I just love him so much! So, yeah, it was pretty cool seeing him again.”

To make a donation to help cover Allison's medical expenses, go to the fundraising website here.