Thieves steal dirt bike of Puyallup veteran who bought it with savings from Iraq, Afghan duty

PUYALLUP, Wash. --  A Puyallup veteran says he feels violated after someone stole his prized possession right from his garage overnight.

“It’s supposed to be secure and only opened with the clicker I have. I think someone watched me unload them into my garage and took advantage of it,” says Chris Williamson.

Williamson thought his dirt bike was safe and sound tucked away inside his garage at his Puyallup apartment complex.

Tuesday morning, an empty garage left Chris with a vacant sense of security, after he says thieves somehow got inside and stole his Kawasaki sometime Monday night.

“It was my Afghanistan money, when I went to Afghanistan and I came back and I had the money in the bank. I bought a bike with it and now I have nothing to show for it,” says Chris.

The former National Guard sergeant says he saved $4,000 from his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to buy that bike.

“It’s a green Kawasaki.   It’s got a black front fender,” says Chris.

While the front entrance of his apartment complex is clearly secure with surveillance cameras and a gate, Chris says thieves took advantage of an opening in the back of the property.

Chris says his renters insurance won't cover the stored bike.

“I kind of just have to bite the bullet and save up for a new one,” he says.

A bitter lesson for a soldier who’s already sacrificed so much.

“I mean, you come in and steal my property that I worked hard for, I want it back! I want my bike back!”

If you have any information regarding the stolen dirt bike, please contact Puyallup Police.

Chris says he’s not taking any chances; he’s having a padlock installed on his garage.  And once he does save up enough to get a new dirt bike, he’s going to keep it in a secured storage unit.