Third Washington State Patrol car hit within a week

BELLINGHAM - For the third time within a week, a Washington State Patrol (WSP) car has been involved in a collision, while parked on the shoulder of the freeway.  In each case, the trooper was seated in his patrol car, when the collision occured.   Just after midnight Tuesday morning (Nov. 5) in Bellingham, a Chevy pickup struck a WSP patrol car along Interstate 5 at mile post 251.  The driver of the pickup was northbound when he became distracted, reaching for his coffee, the WSP said.

The pickup struck the rear of the patrol car, damaging the driver's side door.  The WSP trooper had to be cut out of the patrol car and was transported to the hospital, complaining of neck pain. The driver of the pickup was not hurt but was cited by WSP for Improper Lane Travel.

Last Sunday an SUV struck a WSP patrol car, parked on the shoulder in Bellevue, on southbound Interstate 405 near Interstate 90.  WSP said that the SUV driver hit and pole and then hit the trooper's car.  The trooper and SUV driver sufferered minor injuries.  A similar accident happened a few days earlier in almost the exact same spot.