TIPS: Weatherizing your home before winter storms hit

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Crews from Seattle City Light and Snohomish County PUD on Monday helped Andrew Brown’s family prepare for winter as part of the annual 'Take the Winter by Storm' campaign.

Weatherizing started at the front door.

Homeowners should look at their seals around their doors and windows to make sure they're still in good shape, Neil Neroutsos with Snohomish County PUD said.

LED lights, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also on the checklist.

Gutters and drains need to be cleaned and faucets protected.

“With the colder weather, you should have covers for your faucets outside,” Neroutsos said.

A family should have at least a week’s worth of non-perishable food and water on hand. The emergency goods should be stored in a suitcase or trash can with wheels and kept close to a doorway for quick access.

Brown's family is ready with the essentials, including a flash light, batteries, clothes and emergency contact.

“A lot of things people miss ... is the can opener,” said JoAnn Jordan with Seattle Emergency Management.

The Browns were missing just one vital item, a battery-operated radio.

Officials also say look out for trees in your neighborhood close to power lines. If you think a branch is in danger of falling on a power line, officials say, call your utility company before this week's storms.

Here are some checklists that may come in handy to prepare your home for the winter:

Emergency preparedness checklist
House maintenance checklist