Triplets! Zoo welcomes rare Sumatran tiger cubs (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

TACOMA -- For the first time we are getting a glimpse of three rare Sumatran tiger cubs.

The triplets, all females, are now just 3-weeks-old and are "healthy and thriving," according to zoo General Curator Dr. Karen Goodrowe Beck.

The tigers are living behind the scenes at Point Defiance Zoo in the Asian Forest Sanctuary with their mother, Jaya.

The cubs weighed between 2.5 and 3 pounds at birth and have since grown to about 8 pounds each.

Only about 300 Sumatran tigers remain in the wild of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

“The birth of the three cubs also presents a rich opportunity for the public to learn more about Sumatran tigers, which are a critically endangered species,” Beck said. “Every one of these tigers is precious. We strongly want tiger species to survive so they will be there for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see and appreciate.”

Zookeepers say they are not sure when the cubs will be ready to meet the general public. The cubs need to grow stronger and bond with their mother.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium wants your help in naming the cubs, so they are taking a vote. You can choose your favorites online and the top three names will go to the triplets!

The zoo also released this adorable video of the baby tigers.