Troopers hiding in plain site; busting aggressive drivers

SNOHOMISH COUNTY -- Washington State Patrol troopers are disguising themselves as everyday drivers as they search for reckless motorists endangering the lives of many people on the freeway.

The Aggressive Driving Apprehension Team (ADAT) uses 'grocery go-getters' to bust violators. These cars are Dodge Chargers and Chevrolet Caprices with no special paint job or markings and no showing lights or antenna.

Troopers are using these cars to watch your every move. A spokesperson says August is the worst month for aggressive driving. Troopers have already stopped over 40,000 aggressive drivers in Washington this year alone.

Trooper Mark Francis said, “DUIs are the number one cause for fatality but right behind that are the speeders and aggressive drivers. So that’s why it’s so important to get them off the road to make these roadways safer and have less people get seriously injured or killed on our roadways.”

Troopers don't issue warnings if you endangering the lives of others. Fines can be in the hundreds of dollars and you can even serve jail time.