Tukwila PD looking for 'sunburned sexual assault suspect'

Tukwila Police are asking for help identifying a man who looked like he spent too much time in the sun before becoming a suspect in a sexually motivated assault involving young girls. 

The man's bright red complexion prompted police to nickname him the "Sunburned Sexual Assault Suspect" and some of the allegations against him are disturbing. 

Police say he was caught red-handed and red-faced on security video prowling for young victims in a store near Strander Boulevard.

(Tukwila Police Department)

"Pretty distinct. He is going to be recognizable," said Tukwila resident Bill after seeing the suspect photo. The suspect was caught on security cameras.  

"He has glasses outlined and it’s all red, which is weird when it’s been raining the past couple days," said Elis Diep, another Tukwila-area resident. 

Although the police have not confirmed the store location, tipsters told us it happened in Target. 

FOX 13 crews did find what looked like the same display seen in the police photo located in the makeup sales area of that store in Tukwila. 

Police say the man with the sunburn was accused of following two young girls while they shopped, fondling himself as he watched them.  

Investigators say several minutes passed with the girls having no idea he was performing lewd acts nearby. Police say the two girls were surprised when he approached, wiping bodily fluid on one of them before running out of the store. 

Some say while they are disturbed, they are not surprised. 

"I always hear like encounters from friends and people I know, being followed around, having weird behavior that happened to them," said Eunice Avila, a Tukwila area resident. "There are always weird people following people."

"A lot of stuff happens, we always hear like we said, from our friends, there are always weird people doing weird actions," said Diep.

Many believe this may not be his first offense and hope he's identified soon. 

"We are just going to keep an eye out, because he did a lot of bad things in the community," said Bill. 

Police said he got into a vehicle after leaving the store.  If you recognize the man, they ask that you call the non-emergency line at (206) 241-2121, send an email to tips@tukwilawa.gov or send a private message to police on social media.