Video: Inside look at Florida sinkhole that dragged man to his death

SEFFNER, Fla. -- Officials in Florida have released a video looking down into the monster sinkhole that swallowed up a man while he was sleeping.  The video was actually shot the day after 37-year-old Jeff Bush disappeared back in February when the earth opened up under his bedroom in his home in Seffner, Florida.

Contractors used a video camera mounted on the end of a long pole to take the pictures. In the video you can see an orange cord.  There was a listening device on the end of that cord, as firefighters tried to listen for Bush, hoping to rescue him. They never did, and as the hole widened and deepened, the cord and listening device disappear.

The hole ended up being about 60 feet deep.

A chain link fence surrounds the now filled-in hole that became Jeff Bush’s grave. His home was torn down, and two homes on either side of his were also demolished, and the families told to leave.