Video shows customer save clerk from being shot by attempted robber in Everett

EVERETT, Wash. -- Officers are searching for a man who fired a gun at a clerk Thursday  night in Everett.

Police say a customer may have saved that clerk's life. That customer is an Army veteran who says the clerk asked another man in the store to remove a mask that was covering his entire face. When he refused, the clerk began calling 911, and that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and tried to fire at the clerk.

Video shows customer Ahmed Alwadi then deflects the suspect's arm as he fired a shot. Instead of hitting the clerk, the bullet struck a nearby cooler.

Alwadi then told the suspect to leave. He pointed his gun at Alwadi before taking off, but the Army veteran stayed calm.

"I served with the U.S. Army for five years as an interpreter back in Baghdad," said Alwadi. "It's normal for me, but at the same time I was trying to see if there's anyway I can save his life."

Alwadi says the suspect fired his gun about five more times he left the area. Police are still searching for him.