Vigil planned for youth pastors, infant son killed when concrete wall fell from overpass


BONNEY LAKE — Authorities said Monday night they found three bodies in a pickup truck that was crushed earlier in the day when a concrete jersey barrier fell off a bridge construction site near Bonney Lake and onto Angeline Road.

Police earlier reported that one person in the pickup truck had died in the accident. But when recovery was made Monday night, two additional bodies were found in the truck.

Josh and Vanessa Ellis, both in their 20s, along with their 8-month-old baby boy Hudson were killed in the accident. Both Josh and Vanessa were youth pastors at the EastPointe Foursquare Church in East Pierce County.

EastPointe Foursquare Pastor James Ludlow released this message on his Facebook page Monday Night:

"We are stunned! Shocked! Wounded, broken and dismayed. But we know one thing for sure...they are in glory in the loving arms of our King Jesus! We WILL rise from these ashes and He will be glorified through this tragedy."

Eastpointe is holding a candlelight vigil Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the church in the 15000 block of 96th Street East in Puyallup.

Bonney Lake police said the accident occurred just before 11 a.m. when several pieces of jersey barrier fell off the bridge and onto the roadway below. Police said construction crews were attempting to move the jersey barrier when a portion gave way.

Construction was being done on SR410 to complete a sidewalk across the bridge, according to the Bonney Lake Reporter. Angeline Road reopened nearly 12 hours after the initial incident.

WHH Nisqually Federal Services, LLC released this statement regarding the crash:

The WHH Nisqually Federal Services, LLC (WHHNFS) employees and families send their sincerest condolences to the relatives and friends of the young family that died in the tragic accident on highway 410 in Bonney Lake yesterday.  Words do not adequately express our grief, sorrow, and sympathy.

Out of respect for the victims’ families, WHH will not comment on the cause of the accident until the investigation is complete and we are able to provide an accurate account of events.  WHH has shut down the project re-emphasizing to our employees and subcontractors the overriding importance of safety to the project and the public.

Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the construction crews, first responders, and the investigators who were called upon to give assistance.

The mayor of Bonney Lake says a thorough safety check will be done along with a full investigation.

“This is something that hits us all, we all have families, children of our own,” said Todd Green with Bonney Lake Police.