Viral photo shows masked bandits caught in middle of major art heist!

NEWPORT, Ore. -- Photos of four masked bandits caught in the middle of an art heist are being shared all over the Internet.

The Newport Oregon Police Department captured the thieves in the act, and posted a photo on their Facebook page late Thursday.

Authorities say this happened at Inscapes Gallery on SW Bay Blvd. Officers were called to the gallery after reports of suspicious activity one night earlier this week.

Officers posted the photo with this caption:

"The suspects, known only by their street names of ‘Home Dog’, ‘Da Nails’, ‘Squeaky Feets’, and ‘2-Toes Todd’, attempted to elude officers on scene. After a brief scuffle, all suspects were captured without further incident or injuries.

‘Squeaky Feets’ told officers they had no intention of taking anything from the gallery; they were only trying to straighten a few pieces of art on the wall. Tell it to the judge, ‘Feets’. Tell it to the judge."