Warm, breezy, damp

Mild and breezy: Lots of rain out by the beach and over the mountains. Most of the rain stays away from Seattle due to the rain shadowing off of the Olympics. We have a westerly flow aloft and that means air squeezes out all the moisture on the west side of the Olympics (those places are getting 5 inches of rain).

On the east side of the Olympics air descends and dries as it flows over Seattle (this is why Seattle will only get 1/10 of an inch of rain). The temperatures are running at least 5 degrees above normal. Very nice for this time of year. (now you know what it is like to be in the warm sector of the Jet Stream). Lows are near 47 and highs are near 58. Enjoy. The wind has been around 35mph with a gust near 44 at Everett. Seattle does get some rain especially Thursday night as the cold front sweeps through. Walter. 3/12/13