Washington state seeks to suspend 'Ride the Ducks' fleet

SEATTLE -- Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says the state will seek to suspend the operations of Seattle's 'Ride the Ducks' boat fleet pending the outcome of an investigation.

Inslee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said in a statement Sunday night that the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission will meet Monday to discuss its authority to suspend Ride the Ducks of Seattle until the review is complete.

“Safety must be our paramount goal. Last week’s tragedy demands that all precautions and safety measures be taken before the Ducks resume operations. Because of the fleet’s advanced age, extensive use and unique design, requiring additional scrutiny to ensure they are safe is absolutely critical,” said Mayor Murray.

The company says it has already temporarily halted its operations while it assists investigators looking into a crash last Thursday. One of the company's vehicles collided with an oncoming bus on a Seattle bridge last Thursday, killing five people.

The commission says it wants to inspect each amphibious tour vehicle in the company's fleet and review the records of every driver.

“The UTC committed today to inspecting each of these vehicles and reviewing each driver’s record. The UTC will meet Monday to address its authority to suspend company operations pending completion of those inspections and review,” said Governor Inslee. “I believe that until we can be assured that each of these vehicles and drivers have been inspected they should not be back on Seattle streets. The city, the state and the federal government need to work together closely as multiple investigations move forward.”