WATCH: Smart swallows learn to use automatic doors better than some humans

YouTube screen capture

VICTORIA, BC – A group of swallows nesting in an underground parkade at the University of Victoria in British Columbia have learned to adapt after the school installed automatic doors between their nests and the outside world.

Video, posted to YouTube, shows the birds flying up to the door’s automated sensors and hovering long enough to trigger them to open and then flying out.  The video also shows birds on the outside of the doors wanting to get inside to their nests flying in front of the sensors and triggering the doors to open and then flying in.

Photographer Grant Hughes posted the video May 17th.

Hughes wrote in the about section that the birds had been nesting in the underground parkade and then it was converted into a campus bike centre with doors on the end.

“The swallows quickly learned how to trigger the motion detectors to open the doors and go in and out whenever they want,” wrote Hughes.  “Smart birds!”