Weather impacting flights at Seatac

SEATTLE -- Storms across the country are impacting flights all over the nation forcing thousands of delays and hundred of cancellations.

This morning at Seatac, long lines are already forming as people got to the airport early to board their flights. An estimated 90,000 travelers will go through the terminals at Seatac airport today and tomorrow.

Christmas Day is a light travel day with about 65,000 estimated fliers,

A line of storms that stretches from Maine to Florida is impacting travel across the country. Flights were already delayed in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia early this morning.

Travelers at Seatac had mixed feelings about the crowd and flight problems,

Sally Berreth was supposed to be in Arizona getting ready for her first tee time. “My flight out of Yakima was delayed and we missed our flight to Arizona,” she said.

Other airport visitors said things appeared to be alright.

Charles Sanders said, “It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be a lot worse than this.”

When traveling with gifts, do not wrap presents. Security might need to open wrapped packages.